Hmm… Do girls really jump with joy and twirl around happily whilst on their periods? Really?! We at Libresse® think it’s high time we do away with the nonsense and get real about periods!

A little or a lot? We put some guys to the test to find out.
Check out the video below to see how they did.

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of Malaysian men feel clueless on how to make a woman feel better while she’s on her period. Aiyo!

of Malaysian men don’t know when women use different pad types.

of Malaysian men would like to get more information and tips to help understand periods better. We hear you guys!

of Malaysian men believe that understanding women, especially during their period, will be helpful in building a more power relationship with them.

Introducing the Get Real Bro.

Let’s get real, men should make their period knowledge POWER!. The Get Real Bro is here to help. He’s gonna explain periods – man to man. Share the videos and tips he has with the men in your life, so they understand what your period is like and how they can be sweet and help you.

Stay tuned! Coming soon!

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Don't just take our word for it.

It's time we get real about sanitary pad ads. No more nonsense, just more honest and accurate representations of what period is all about. That's why Libresse® is championing this movement by getting women (and men!) to come together to advocate real portrayals of period experiences. Join us and share the message with your friends!

Meet the Personalities

  • Gurmit Singh

    Talk Show Host
  • Adibah Noor

    Celebrity Guest
  • Shazreen Fazlynda

  • Petrina Thong

    Solo Hitch Hiker

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